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Wal Thornhill, Thunderbolts Chief Science Advisor, presented a three-episode JWST PREDICTION Series prior to its launch, detailing the telescope’s significance to the Electric Universe Model of Cosmology—and made several predictions of what the JWST would reveal.

In September 2021, Wal stated, “I predict that the JWST with its vast improvement in sensitivity and resolution, will reveal the existence of the connecting network of helically twisted filamentary pairs and braids even more clearly. We will discover helically twisted filament pairs and braids everywhere we look.”

This prediction was spectacularly confirmed in the first JWST ‘Deep Field’ science images on July 12, 2022, by evidence of helically twisted filaments and braids of the kind provided by the JWST of the ‘Cosmic Cliffs’ and Stephan’s Quintet. It is proof positive of electric currents flowing in space at the macro scale.


The three-episode JWST PREDICTION Series was published before the telescope became fully operational in July 2022.

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