Wal Thornhill: JWST – Cosmic Dust Proves Arp Invariably Right | Thunderbolts


Presented posthumously, the second excerpt from the JWST VALIDATION Series by Wal Thornhill. Narrated by Stuart Talbott.

After the James Webb Space Telescope became fully operational in July 2022, Wal Thornhill meticulouslystudied its discoveries that validated his predictions until his death in February 2023.

Wal scrutinized the Webb images of the Seyfert 2 galaxy NGC 7319 that revealed a substantial dust lane behind the quasar in NGC 7319—unambiguous proof this high redshift quasar is a foreground object.

These observations falsify the redshift-distance relationship—the foundational axiom upon which the whole edifice of Big Bang cosmology is erected. The wisdom of Edwin Hubble’s caution is demonstrated—and Halton Arp is vindicated yet again, just as Wal predicted.

Whenever an EU Model prediction is verified it illustrates fundamental change.

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