Andrew Hall: Shine On You Crazy Diamond | Thunderbolts


Dedicated to Wal Thornhill, a mentor to us all in the most important field of all—the true nature of our universe.

This is about truth seekers in the Electric Universe. An ode to garage experimenters, theorists, scientists and deep-thinkers everywhere who are grounded and harmonized with natural frequencies—and Wal is the epitome of such individuals.

Recognizing the obvious is critical thinking. Manipulating math to invent invisible forces, energies and matter is the ultimate woo. Truth is accessible to anyone with the unflinching intent to find it and speak it, because it’s out there waiting for you.

When you recognize a pattern—and trust yourself to know what you are seeing, hearing, or feeling—it resonates within you. It’s not the conscious mind, it’s the work of an observant state of being. Author and engineer Andrew Hall continues his quest to find new patterns.


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